I no longer look at my stretch marks and feel Lord you placed them where they should not have been.

I am no longer a slave of sin .I am no longer a slave of fear . The beauty that blossoms from self acceptance. My tummy to me is no longer my reason to doubt am beautiful. My surrounding now a perfect environment to learn from. Inner peace with inner satisfaction from our father up in heaven .Through him I have seen dreams come true. True happiness ,my time to shine .Do what you possibly believe in, what the spirit leads you to for you are a child of God. No longer a slave of fear no longer a slave of fear.


I will tell you a story, a story not of love ,not of adventure but mysery. The path taken troding into the marshy swamp of love full of quick sands of temptations. She was blinded with lust mere fornicators. Innocence washed away like soil carried away by the wind. Getting high ,drugs the only thing keeping the relationship going. True everyone gets tired at the end of the day. She grew tired of being mistreated and started to look for love else where. Sad she found a predator and fell for his trap….was so deeply in love such a stupid move. He found out of the illicit relationship and she was rewarded with blows and hot slaps on the cheeks. His hand left red marks on her face .She couldn’t keep herself from crying and called the lover who surprisingly was not ready to let her in. Desparate for love she went back to her man simply couldn’t imagine herself loosing both home and away .It was never love on both sides ,pretty as she was she allowed them to take advantage .Poor Jacinth what will she do? True enough her heart belonged to the lover sad he had a girlfriend who he loved. The other boyfriend had lost trust in her and since then it had been the start of getting beaten up. He showed how violent he could be. So sad she thought of how she was repeating her mother’s life .All her life she had seen her mother being mistreated by the dad sure enough the marriage never lasted .They got separated leaving her and her siblings without a father or mother figure. True enough campus relationships are not real. At least no man is. They all after your body ,princess vow never to go down the road of love. God saves sinners washes away sins bring out new beings .All she could think of is going back to the drawing board and start all over again .This time round God as the leader . Anyways men are just passing wind.


Time flys time waits for no man. Age also flys we getting older by the minute. Getting new experiences growing wiser and the more knowledge we acquire the more we get to know not to trust a man . I don’t know bout it .For now the question is who is that peeping through the window into me. So silent an introvert probably or is that how you express love. Silence an escape root of many to avoid the reality of life and love. Love a mere cliche that’s what makes a difference. Your shadow keeps following you blocking me from seeing those eyes,through them. Right through those glasses the inner you. I bet your heart is beautiful too,older memories of mere past failures no longer scare me.

Every time weird thoughts tend to escape my mind of an unknown future. We cannot get there without living today. For now I will teach you how to paint with the colours of the wind. How to climb higher than the mountain follow the path troding into the woods. Don’t get lost in the trees , don’t go in circles for the lamp lighting in the midst of the swamp is calling you . Unbeatable force inner drive ….u will not get lost. Anyway i was finally talking with my pen .Silent but has a story to tell. It’s mouth zipped but not the tip

Night light Armour

From barking of dogs to hooting of cars you realize there was nothing silent about that night let alone magical Him as tooth fairy collecting her dues This time sending night mares who in mighty stead rob me from my walk in the land of castles. I could feel his soft lips thrusted against mine …..his caresses…. Mere lust washed away by satisfaction cold shivers down my spine evident by the erection of my hair follicle Is this real? Is this real? Is this real? Your mind is begging at his mercies for an immediate delete You better than anybody know u will never be loved like he did. If your night light armour was true why couldn’t he save you from the unfairness of life . His charms have got the better Side of you You are left with nothing……nothing….nothing…. Only memories…. memories that linger freshly in your mind


The dark face of love

How the hell did you end up here. You used to wrap yourself in fairy tales like a blanket but it was the cold you loved shivers as you unveil the corpses of your broken self .Sweeter goose bumps as prince charming slipped one glass slipper of your little toes…a perfect fit .By the streets real princesses floated by you unfolded by the winds. You saw the gulf between you and the girls and vow to stop believing in fairy tales .But the stories where deep in like poison ,if prince charming was real will he save you from the unfairness of everything .When will he come? The answer is cold shrug of moments .From every man that entered your body you realize you don’t have whatever magic that turns a beast into a prince .You surround yourself with the people you resented…you hated yourself .Then right before you thought you could disappear he saw you and you knew it was too good to be true .You don’t leave because he was the first strong enough to lift you .Now in his castle you understand prince charming and the beast are one and the same man .You won’t get a happy ending unless you love both of them .Didn’t you want this …to be loved? You wanted him to crown you . Didn’t you ask for it ?… didn’t you ask for it ?…didn’t you ask for it? Say you love him ..say thank you ..say nothing,nothing but the truth